The Leadership of Civilization Building: Administrative and Civilization Theory, Symbolic Dialogue, and Citizen Skills

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The Leadership of Civilization Building: Administrative and Civilization Theory, Symbolic Dialogue, and Citizen Skills for the 21st Century
(ISBN: 0-9700534-9-5)

The Leadership of Civilization Building is a virtual manual for social architects and creative civilization builders. It provides leaders with the tools--conceptual and social--to help them "talk" symbolically with their audiences about the improvement of their own institutions and societies as a whole.

Richard Spady, a student and practitioner of Administrative Theory, is president of the Forum Foundation. A Seattle businessman, he co-founded Dick's Drive-in Restaurants in 1954 and currently is its president. Spady remains active in Seattle community affairs.

The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Kirby is executive director of the Stuart C. Dodd Institute for Social Innovation in Seattle, and taught business ethics at University of Washington's School of Business Administration. He is an international lecturer and also chair of the World Network of Religious

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Section I: Theory Building

Introduction to Civilization Building

1. General Administrative Theories: Ten Dynamics of Governance and Administration

Theory 1 : The Basic Attitude in Civilization Building
Theory 2: The Theory of Learning
Theory 3 : The Theory of Leadership
Theory 4: The Theory of Authority
Theory 5 : The Theory of Politics
Theory 6: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Theory 7: The Administrative Process
Theory 8 : The Helping Professions
Theory 9: The Zeitgeist Principle
Theory 10: The Natural Factors of Governance, Administration, and Communication

2. General Civilization Theories: Intro to New Emerging Theories of Civilization Building

Theory 11: The Unified Social Field Theory
Theory 12: Social Quantum Mechanics
Theory 13: A Theory of Civilization

Section II: Technology Building

1. Many-To-Many Communication and Zeitgeist Communication
2. The Fast Forum Technique and How it Works
3. Examples of Fast Forum Projects
4. Potential Applications of the Fast Forum Technique
5. Citizens, Communication, and Civilization Building


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